Teaching Pride and Restoring Hope

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Aahn’s Place is accredited through CARF INTERNATIONAL. We are one of the few in the state of Kansas. We accept children from all different backgrounds who are dealing with many different struggles, all of which can be worked through to create a better life for these children. Many of them have simply had a rough start in life.



AAHN (pronounced ‘on’) meaning – pride.

AAHN’s Place is a residential group home meant to provide shelter for children in foster care services in Wellington, Kansas. We are eager and ready to help children in our community and across the state of Kansas by providing a safe and nurturing environment.

If there was one thing we would want children to know, it would be that no child should have to go through difficult family times alone. We want them to know that they do matter and that they are not alone in their efforts to find hope. It will get better.

Why Wellington

The city of Wellington provides a unique advantage for youth by offering a supportive and close-knit small town community. In addition, the community will also benefit by being recognized as fostering a safe and loving environment where children can easily overcome challenges of the past and start restoring hope for their future. We provide child mental health services and teen counseling during this transition, and help to provide a safe and nurturing space for children. Contact our children’s shelter today to learn more and see what AAHN’s Place can do for you.