A Safe Place 365 Days a Year


AAHN’S PLACE is committed to providing the best possible care and compassion to the children and families that we serve. While we know it is the children that stay here, we are aware they have families who are concerned for their safety as well. We are cognizant of the emotional difficulty and instability that this causes the youth that we serve. Being placed in a different home for help can be stressful and emotionally draining. We understand what moving a child from place to place can do to children and we are here to help them through that process 100 percent of the way. We also help them work through any other issues they may have from experiencing these trying times. We pride ourselves on giving our full support to the young minds that we help and we strive to get them back on their feet and feeling confident as quickly as possible. We are devoted to building pride and restoring hope to every child that we work with.

Aahn’s Place is accredited through CARF INTERNATIONAL. We are one of the few in the state of Kansas. We accept children from all different backgrounds who are dealing with many different struggles , all of which can be worked through to create a better life for these children. Many of them have simply had a rough start in life.

Qualified Residential Treatment Program Group Home

Aahn’s Place is a residential group home for children ages 10-18. Placement is determined by the foster care placing agencies throughout the state of Kansas and is determined by many factors that indicate best fit for the youth. As a QRTP, placement at our Home is more specialized. We receive youth that are either stepping down from a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility or are stepping up from a lower level of care due to increased emotional and/or behavioral needs. These youth are in foster care due to being homeless, abused, neglected, abandoned, or are runaways. Payment for services is received from the Department of Children’s and Family Services. Currently there are no extra fees associated with our program outside of the placement fees that are funded by DCF.

DCF Custody / Foster Care

Children placed at Aahn’s Place are in the custody of the Department of Children and Family Services through the state of Kansas. AP provides for all the needs of the children while placed at the group home.