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Strategic Business Plan 2024-2027

Contributors: Derrick Prichard, Owner; Shelby Forrest, Program Manager; Katie Billington, Director; Kim Oleson, Business Manager; Shyla Niss, Milieu Manager

Summary of Plan

This plan includes 4 Sections – Section 1: Revenue Review; Section II: Review of Human Resources; Section III: Review of Performance; and Section IV: Goals, Priorities, and Plan. The first three sections give a review of Revenue, Human Resources, and overall Operations for 2023. Data is included to identify areas of underperformance in terms of revenue projected as well as those areas where revenue projections were exceeded. The Human Resource review includes demographic data of employees, turnover of staff, as well as longevity of...


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Kids and teenagers of all backgrounds have countless emotions and feelings that they experience. Like with anything in life, there’s a lot that needs to be taught when it comes to handling and dealing with these emotions. Coping strategies for dealing with intense feelings, such as anger or sadness, can be especially helpful for children as they learn to navigate their experiences and reactions to situations.

This is true for all kids, but perhaps especially more relevant for children who have experienced significant trauma. Trauma has a huge impact on the developing brain, and oftentimes, children who are experiencing trauma are not receiving the help they need to manage and work through what they’re feeling. Take a look at some tips from our emergency shelter on coping...


Summer is often painted in this picture of running through the sprinkler, going to the pool, camping out underneath the stars, going to camp, and everything in between. This is thought of as the typical summer, but the truth is far from the idyllic image we know and love.

Our children’s shelter sees so many wonderful kids come through our doors. We are familiar with much of the experiences they bring with them. While so many people like to think that having an average, nuclear family is a tangible aspiration in life, we know that this is hardly the case. Summer is an especially relevant time to address some of what goes on in the lives of kids, and AAHN’s Place is here to provide some facts and some clarity.

Take a look at how we, as a society, are needing to redefine a...


There is practically no greater challenge than being a teacher. Being responsible for the physical and emotional well-being, as well as the academic and overall growth, for anywhere between 25 and 100 students is an unbelievable feat. This in itself is quite the balancing act, but when you have students whose needs and safety are compromised outside of school, things can get all the more challenging.

Considering that over half of all public school children are living in poverty, the dynamic for teaching has shifted a great deal in the past few decades, and...


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2022 Annual Report