How You Can Help

At AAHN’S Place, we understand that when children come to our children’s shelter, it is just a house to them. It is the people they come into contact with that will help them to feel like it is a home. Being open 24/7 takes a lot of financial support, but there are also other ways to help create a nurturing environment; cooking a meal, supplying warm clothes, or just providing comfort and safety.

Your skills can be used to fill a variety of roles as an individual or in a group. And, since AAHN’S PLACE is always open, volunteers are utilized around the clock, allowing you to select the time best suited to your availability.

You can help serve the mission of AAHN’S Place children’s shelter by providing hands on assistance.

The children’s home can use volunteer assistance in the following areas:

  • Office/clerical
  • Grounds keeping and maintenance
  • Tutoring children after school
  • School transportation
  • One on one child support

In addition, volunteers can help provide special events, classes and many other enrichment type of activities.


At AAHN’s Place, our mission for our emergency children’s shelter is to provide a safe and nurturing environment. Children that come into our care are often confused and emotional. They frequently do not understand why they have been taken from their homes and separated from their family. We know that in order for these children to have a chance at restored hope for their future it is up to us to help them and their families get the resources needed to have a happier and healthier life. Volunteers are key to our success in fulfilling our mission to help these children and families.

To become a volunteer and impact a child’s life, simply:

  • Complete a volunteer application online or bring it in to our office. You can download the application here.
  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Complete orientation and training
  • Complete a health assessment, including a tuberculosis test
  • Give written permission for a background check through the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment
  • Observe and maintain strict confidentiality

You could make all the difference, not only in our children’s shelter, but in the lives of others. Fill out an application today.