2021 Strategic Plan

Strategic Business Plan 2020-2021

Contributors: Derrick Prichard, Owner

Summary of Plan

This plan includes 4 Sections – Section 1: Revenue Review; Section II: Review of Human Resources; Section III: Review of Performance; and Section IV: Goals, Priorities, and Plan. The first three sections give a review of Revenue, Human Resources, and overall Operations for 2020. Data is included to identify areas of underperformance in terms of revenue projected as well as those areas where revenue projections were exceeded. The Human Resource review includes demographic data of employees, turnover of staff, as well as longevity of staff. HR also addresses any positions which were eliminated or added during the year. Recruitment efforts for positions is also highlighted in this section. The review of operations includes data related to number of admissions, successful discharges, and any major changes in programming during the year.

The final section of the plan – Section IV – represent the goals, priorities, and plan for the upcoming year. Quarterly updates are also included in this section.

Section I Revenue Review

We started 2019 in the red due to low census and overall revenues. After the first quarter our census increased, and our expenses stabilized. We were able to apply for accreditation during the third quarter which increased our revenues. We finished the year still in the red but have realized positive revenue results so far in 2020.

Section II Review of Human Resources

Staff Demographics 2019-2020: We conducted our first analysis of staff turnover in April of 2020, the 2 year anniversary of opening. The average length of employment was 77 days and the turnover rate since opening was about 80%. There were 11 employees with over 6 months of employment. Staff satisfaction was not measured at that time.

Section III Review of Performance

Performance objectives were not created and tracked until the third quarter of 2020, therefore there is no data to report at this time.

Section IV Goals, Priorities, and Plan

Consideration of expectations of persons served:

Goals: We will implement more frequent surveys of the youth we serve to help determine quality of care being provided.

Consideration of expectations and relationship with external stakeholders:

Goals: We will create a survey to be completed by our referring partners and begin tracking results of the survey.

Consideration of the competitive, regulatory, and legislative environments:

Goals: We will continue to monitor any changes to the regulatory and/or legislative environments to ensure compliance and best possible quality of care.

Consideration of financial opportunities and threats:

Goals: We will monitor our fiscal accountability at least quarterly to ensure opportunity for correction to work towards a positive revenue outcome.

Consideration of use of technology to support operations, service deliver, and performance improvement:

Goals: We will purchase new laptops and tablets for direct care workers to ensure ease of training purposes, service delivery, and record keeping.

Consideration of Cultural competency and Diversity:

Goals: We will provide high quality, culturally sensitive services by identification, delivery, and continual monitoring of Enrollees’ needs. We will hire bilingual staff and provide cultural competency training at orientation and annually after hired.

Consideration of information from the analysis of performance:

Goals: We will look to focus on decreasing incident reports and staff turnover. We will also focus on improving length of stay for youth and successful discharges.

Priority of Goals and Resource Allocation

Priority #1 – Increase use of surveys to youth served – staff will create plan for distribution of surveys

Priority #2 – Staff turnover – we will continue to strengthen our orientation and training for new staff to ensure higher longevity

Priority #3 – Increase use of surveys for stakeholders – will we create a survey and plan for distribution to stakeholders

Priority #4 – Decrease incident reports – we will monitor and track trends in incident reports to identify ways to decrease the reports

Priority #5 – Fiscal accountability – management will meet regularly to ensure we are staying within budget and keeping our census at an acceptable level

Priority #6 – Use of technology – we will use current revenue to purchase new technology

Quarterly Updates to Plan

As this is the first strategic plan, there are no quarterly updates or revisions to the plan.